Refrigerator Repair

Be it a walk in or a regular residential refrigerator, if you are looking for a refrigerator repair technician, then you need to search no more. At Express Appliance we have expert technicians to help you out with service, repair and installation of any kind of refrigerator in the VA

There are several parts to a refrigerator that require maintenance. When it comes to Walk-in Refrigerators, then that number goes really high. These commercial appliances are required to be serviced only by knowledgeable and experienced technicians. For commercial houses, a refrigerator is a major part of the operations, and it needs to be repaired fast and on time or it could lead to great loss. Understanding that, we provide 7 days a week service and have up to date technical staff that can diagnose and service efficiently.

Residential Refrigerator Repairs in Virginia

Residential refrigerators also have certain parts that could require repair from time to time. In the summer the most used part of a refrigerator is the freezer. For instance your ice-cream will not stay cold enough, or it takes exceptionally long for ice to form, and the worst case if it doesn't form at all! Then what are you waiting for, drop us a line to get the freezer repaired. We can assure you that we will service your refrigerator with care and efficiency.

We have been in the industry for more than 20 years, and our technicians have worked with all major brands. Our reputation precedes us in the Virginia, Maryland and the metropolitan area of Washington DC. And it's not just the service and repair, if you are planning to get a new one, then based on your needs, we can suggest several options that could suite your budget.