ac repair

With experienced technicians and quality customer service, Express Appliance is well known for air conditioner repair in Virginia and Maryland. If your HVAC is making a loud noise, not heating properly, not cooling evenly then for you can trust us to diagnose and provide a complete AC repair solution. We just don't do repairs, we can also do service installations and are authorized for sales of HVAC systems of all sizes.

Throughout Virginia, Maryland and metropolitan area of Washington DC, you can trust our service for service parts for HVAC systems like heat pumps, evaporator coils, condensers and compressors. Assuring 100% guaranteed results, our technicians are trained in installation and service of all major brands. We understand the importance of heat venting and air conditioning system for the comfort of your family and aim to provide the best solution the very first time. We are proud of our customer service and our technical knowledge!

AC Repair

In the scorching heat, residents of the DMV, require quick, efficient and reliable AC repair. That's why, whether it is central air conditioning or wall air conditioner, you can rely on Express Appliance to be able to assist you in all. And it's not just the repair; air condition service is an important part of our portfolio. These systems require regular cleanups and upkeep and we make sure that you don't miss on that.

Keeping up with the technology, we even have technicians who can educate, install and repair energy efficient air conditioning systems. They will analyze your requirement if you want to install a new one and will take care of the system once it is installed. As stated earlier, we are abreast of the latest technological developments, and our technicians are experienced to handle any situation. So, if you want the best and the latest, don't hesitate, give us a call!

Heating Repair

Heating systems repair is a little more complicated then air condition. When dealing with heating systems, one has to keep in mind the various types, such as gas, forced air and electrical. Each has their unique advantages and unique problems. Accordingly, each needs to be looked by a professional residential heating service and repair contractor.

There are several central heating contractors that claim to provide service, but with equipment so expensive, you can't let just anybody work around it. These machines require expert hand that can diagnose thoroughly and repair efficiently. For instance, if you have some problems with gas heating system, then you need someone who can diagnose the problem thoroughly and provide you with one time solution. At times gas heating replacement is required and in that case proper removal and installation of new unit is essential.

If you have an electric heat system, then you have to maintain and service the heating unit regular to maintain its efficiency. Especially when it comes to the energy efficient systems you would like to keep their filters cleaned, before winter season check for leaks, during summers keep the system clean and make sure it doesn't freeze. And for all that you can trust Express Appliances to provide you with the best customer service and efficient HVAC repair in Virginia, Maryland, and DC!